Terms and conditions

Quotation and Prices

All of the prices listed on the website are final and we do not charge any extra costs

The prices are negotiable in cases when the property is either too big or too dirty

We reserve the rights to change the prices if we estimate an extra work need to be done. The client will be notified about that in advance

The client must provide access to Electricity and Water.

For Oven Cleaning , Carpet , Rug and Upholstery Cleaning , there is a minimum charge of 59GBP per visit.

Congection Charge and Parking fees may apply on top.

Client’s Obligations

The client must provide the company with accurate information about the property, and  condition  in order to calculate the price for the service that needs to be done

The client must inform the provider for any items or furniture which do not need cleaning in the booking form.

The client has to do a correct booking for the service which he wants to receive.

Obligations of the Supplier

We do not refund if the customer is not satisfied with the final result. However, we must go back and clean the property until the customer is completely satisfied with no additional costs within the announced period (within 48 hours of cleaning).

We do not pay any costs for damaged furniture or technology if it has already been damaged before our arrival.

We verify all property of all damage with the customer before we start the cleaning process.


All payments must be made in cash after the services or via bank transfer 36 hours prior to the service.

We do not tolerate any delays. If the payment is not made with the booking, we will cancel the booking and the service will not be performed.

For any cancellations, the user will be charged by the provider of the amount of size of the deposit or minimum £50 unless the customer cancels his reservation 24 hours prior to the commencement of the service and notifies us by phone or email.

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