Oven cleaning

We at the team of Top Cleaning Services Ltd. understand that cleaning your oven is a rather unpleasant and hard work. For that, make your clean oven by booking with us.

We know how clean the oven is, so our oven cleaning service is also healthy for all the dirt. The cleaning systems and products we use are completely safe and suitable for all types of ovens.

We will not use aggressive and hazardous chemicals that can damage the appearance of coatings and surfaces inside and outside the furnace itself. We work extremely carefully when cleaning special areas such as the door seal, the heater, and the glass door itself. after which they will be put back in the same place.

Do not hesitate to book your clean oven with us to keep wondering again in your brand new oven, as we give you a complete guarantee that the oven will look new after cleaning.

Oven Cleaning Services

Oven Cleaning Prices

Single Oven £59,00
Double Oven £84,00
Microwave From £20,00
Hob From £18,00
Extractor From £18,00

Special Combined Oven Cleaning Prices

Single Oven + Hob + Extractor £85,00
Double Oven + Hob + Extractor £104,00
Microwave + Hob + Extractor £49,00

You need a professional oven cleaning service?

We try not to burden our customers with high space cleaning prices and at the same time to get a fairly easy and affordable superb cleaning.

Some of our work

Cleaning Oven - Before and After
Oven Cleaning Before And After
oven cleaning before after

Why Choose Top Cleaning Services Ltd

  • Reliable company
  • Affordable prices
  • Highest quality standarts
  • Experienced team
  • We use the best professional cleaning products
  • Attention to every detail
  • We strive to improve our cleaning methods every day


These guys really did a very professional general cleaning. The team was well organised and fast. Excellent job, very good communication, reasonable price! I will for sure use them again! Recommended!

John Peters

Great job! My place is sparkling as never before everything was cleaned at very high standard. Can’t recommend enough! I’m going to use their service on the regular basis from now on.


We were just finishing a flat move and the place was in a chaotic state. Top Cleaning didn’t just clean to a high standard, they tidied. Everything looks better to a degree I found genuinely hard to believe. Even my ten-year-old daughter said in awe “he put the clothes away in places I could find!”.

Side note: I really like a cleaning company where the boss is one of the cleaners and turns up to do jobs himself

Catherine Charles

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